FSI Workshops

The FSI Workshops are interactive mini conferences where experts are invited to discuss major issues related to responsible investment. Participants from a broad spectrum of sectors attending the workshops are invited to share their knowledge with others and bring novel ideas and solutions regarding these issues.

These workshops are especially intended for institutional investors, portfolio managers, lenders, sustainable development managers, risk managers as well as other finance professionals.

If you have any questions about the FSI Workshops, contact us at info@ifd-fsi.org.

THEME FOR 2016-17:
What social responsibility for the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is redefining commercial ties between individuals, companies, governments, workers and shareholders. Many believe that the P2P and B2B technology revolution currently ignores some economic intermediaries and basic rules of the social contract. Others question the economic and financial issues related to the growth of the sharing economy. In its 2016-17 workshops, the Sustainable Finance Initiative will clarify the risks and consequences – good and bad – of the explosive growth of the sharing economy for consumers, businesses, governments, employees, shareholders and owners.

We propose a three-step route:

Workshop 1 (November 2016): Defining the sharing economy and its main social and ethical challenges. Read the summary.

Workshop 2 (February 2017): Taxing and regulating the sharing economy. Read the summary.

Workshop 3 (May 26, 2017): What impact for the  sharing economy?  Sign-up.